ESL Solutions Case Study


Retail Case Study: ESL Solutions in Smart Retail

Overview: Smart Retail, driven by the integration of technology and data, revolutionizes retail processes to enhance efficiency and align with customer needs. This case study explores key components of Smart Retail using ESL (Electronic Shelf Labels) solutions.

  1. Customer Data Collection:
    Sensor Technology: Smart Retail employs sensor systems to collect and accumulate customer data, tracking their behavior from store entry to purchase and maintaining comprehensive purchase histories.
  2. Data Analysis:
    Customer Behavior Analysis: The collected data undergoes thorough analysis to understand customer needs and behaviors. This insight enables retailers to respond appropriately and design tailored promotions.
  3. Smart Inventory Management:
    Automated Stock Control: ESL facilitates smart inventory control by automatically monitoring product availability and recommending timely restocks based on real-time demand.
  4. Check and Deliver:
    Automated Fulfillment: Smart retailers utilize automated systems for checking and delivering products to customers. This includes the use of smart delivery vehicles or automated delivery systems.
  5. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    Technology Integration: Smart Retail focuses on creating superior customer experiences through the integration of technologies such as mobile applications, QR code scanning, and intelligent customer assistance.
  6. Smart Decision-Making:
    Data-Driven Decisions: Retailers leverage customer data to provide information for intelligent decision-making, such as displaying prices and facilitating product comparisons.
  7. Smart Payment Systems:
    Automated and Secure Transactions: Smart Retail employs secure and automated payment systems for seamless and convenient transactions.

Benefits of Smart Retail:
Increased business efficiency through data-driven decision-making.
Cost savings through automated inventory management and fulfillment processes.
Improved customer experiences with tailored services and promotions.

Dynamic Centralized Pricing:
Unified Internet System: ESL solutions connect diverse products through a unified internet system via electronic shelf labels, allowing for dynamic and efficient pricing adjustments.

Product Management:

Remote Management: ESL enables remote and precise management of products, providing clear insights and connection status through cloud-based systems.

Precise Location:
Digital Labels: ESL's digital labels accurately determine the location of products in the store, allowing retailers to access real-time shelf positions and create dynamic in-store layouts.

Retail Case

Smart Healthcare

In the context of healthcare delivery in hospitals facing a significant increase in the number of patients along with a shortage of nursing staff, particularly in healthcare services, stands to benefit from an efficient transition to digital solutions.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) represent a crucial step in the right direction. These labels enhance efficiency and alleviate the burden on hospital staff. Furthermore, they contribute to cost reduction in various aspects. ESL is thus considered a long-term smart medical solution aimed at improving the effectiveness of patient care.

Pharmacy Case

Smart Warehouse

An intelligent warehouse solution aims to eliminate wasteful materials, such as paper, and serves as a smart platform for management accessible through the Cloud. This solution consolidates our dedication to enhancing the efficiency of warehouse operations and increasing the density of product storage.

Therefore, our platform helps warehouses become more aware of data management, facilitating easier organization of products through Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL).

Warehouse Case

Smart Office

Our ESL (Electronic Shelf Label) can be used in lieu of paper signs for seminars, offices, meeting rooms, or laboratories. With ESLs, digital room management can be applied to display information. ESLs that electronically present information will show basic details about the current status of a meeting room.

You can update and modify information for seminars and meeting rooms at any time. Our solution also helps create a professional and impressive environment for visitors or clients.

Meeting Case


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