Smart Boards and Interactive Whiteboards

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Smart boards and interactive whiteboards

Technology that encompasses education and teaching is becoming a crucial part of the innovative era in education. The concepts of "online learning" or "distance learning" have gained popularity and become essential in developing the education system today. Additionally, modern technologies such as smart boards and interactive whiteboards or IQBoard play a significant role in supporting learning processes in general education and business settings. They represent a vital evolution in technology within education and industry.

Transforming the Learning Process with Smart Boards and Interactive Whiteboards or IQBoard. Education today is not the same as in the past. Lessons are no longer confined to the classroom, and there is a growing emphasis on making learning enjoyable and understandable. In this context, smart boards and interactive whiteboards or IQBoard play a crucial role in rapidly transforming the learning process to be smart and engaging.

Smart Boards and Interactive Whiteboards (Interactive Boards) Smart boards, or IQBoard, are devices shaped like boards or screens that can detect touch inputs, enabling users to control and display information intelligently. They consist of LED screens that utilize touch technology, allowing users to control commands, write, and display information uniquely. Interactive whiteboards or IQBoard, on the other hand, are boards or surfaces that use touch technology to respond to pen-like inputs, similar to using a regular pen. They have the ability to detect and convert digital information, allowing users to control and modify data on the screen in real-time. Everyone in the classroom or meeting can see the information displayed on the interactive whiteboard or IQBoard.

Usage and Benefits of Smart Boards and Interactive Whiteboards or IQBoard have various applications to enhance convenience in different settings, such as:

  1. In the classroom
    Used for smart teaching that aligns with students' learning styles, enhancing interest, and quickly correcting errors.
  2. During Meetings
    Utilized for presenting information and discussions in meetings or seminars, promoting intelligent communication and participant engagement.
  3. In business 
    It is used to present business plans and business-related information in meetings or discussions with clients.
  4. In Offices
    Applied for planning and managing tasks in the office, including presenting critical information.

Smart boards and interactive whiteboards or IQBoard are powerful tools that have the potential to transform ways of learning and working in education and industry. The current levels of learning and working are becoming more complete and intelligent with these advanced technologies. The future of education and work is rapidly changing, and there is a direction to incorporate technology more, creating learning and working experiences that are interesting and efficient for everyone in society.

For those interested in interactive whiteboards or IQBoard, you can contact us for more information at DTran Technology, 02-114-8369, or email us at We have a team of experts specializing in interactive whiteboards or IQBoard, ready to provide advice and guidance on implementing about interactive whiteboards or IQBoard.

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