The Visitor System

ระบบ Visitor

The Visitor System

Visitors to office buildings, residential areas, or condominiums, who are often recurring, necessitate the management of their data, known as access control. Traditional visitor card exchange systems often encounter difficulties in data management, especially in places with high daily traffic, where issues such as forgotten, lost, or damaged cards may arise. Additionally, they require staff intervention, leading to delays and unnecessary resource waste. Therefore, many organizations prioritize upgrading their visitor card exchange systems to be more accurate and modern. For instance, by opting for automated systems like the Visitor System, organizations can streamline the card exchange process, making it more convenient for visitors while ensuring security through door access control or elevator lock mechanisms every time a visitor enters the building.

Solution Advantages: Multiple Reservation Methods

  1. On-site self-service reservation:
    Visitors can use on-site kiosks to input their personal information and complete the reservation process, after which they receive a QR code.
  2. Online self-service reservation:
    Visitors can visit the online booking link, input their personal information, and receive a QR code.

  3. On-site front desk reception:
    Visitors can register at the reception desk, input their personal information, and receive a QR code.

Clear guidelines for visitors

  1. After check-in, visitors receive SMS or email instructions.
  2. They can access the doors upon approval.

Security, Technology, and Health Declaration

  1. Supports high-security face recognition algorithms and counterfeit prevention measures. Additionally, it facilitates temperature checks and face recognition even when wearing masks.
  2. Supports touchless verification via QR codes, which change automatically.
  3. The QR code data is protected by AES-256 encryption.

Intelligent Management of Visitor Permissions

  1. The system synchronizes visitor access permissions with kiosks, entrance doors, staircase access controls, and other related devices.
  2. Visitors can access authorized areas freely within the designated time frames.
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