Interactive Whiteboard with Zero+ Bonding technology


Interactive Whiteboard with Zero+ Bonding technology

The interactive whiteboard that writes smoothly with Zero+ Bonding technology plays a crucial role in efficient learning experiences and meetings in today's rapidly advancing technological era. With the features offered by the IQTouch Interactive Whiteboard from DTranTech, users can experience more engaging and effective interactions:

  1. A smooth writing experience similar to writing on paper with Zero+ Bonding technology:
    The IQTouch Interactive Whiteboard utilizes Zero+ Bonding technology, making writing on the board feel just like writing on real paper. The writing is smooth, responsive, and fast, allowing users to present ideas or information accurately and instantly.
  2. Supports simultaneous writing of up to 20 points:
    The ability to write simultaneously on up to 20 points is highly beneficial for collaborative work or learning environments. Teams or students can work together on the board simultaneously, enhancing the efficiency of meetings or learning sessions.
  3. 4K AI Camera and 8 Array Mics:
    The high-quality 4K AI camera ensures clear and lifelike presentations of images or videos, simulating an in-person experience. Additionally, the 8 Array Mics provide high-quality audio, ensuring efficient remote meetings or teaching sessions.
  4. 4K BYOD/BYOM (Bring Your Own Device/Bring Your Own Meeting) capability:
    The ability to support a variety of user devices, including BYOD/BYOM connectivity in 4K resolution, allows users to display content from their personal devices without the need for cable changes. This adds convenience and flexibility to usage.
  5. Multi-Windows, Multi-Tasking:
    The ability to display multiple windows simultaneously and multitask enhances data management and presentations. Users can divide the screen into multiple areas, display diverse information, or perform multiple activities simultaneously, making presentations or meetings more efficient.
  6. Annotation on Any Source:
    This function allows users to enhance their understanding or highlight important points in any source of information presented, whether it be images, videos, or documents. Annotating or adding information to the source enhances communication and presentation effectiveness.

The IQTouch Interactive Whiteboard not only makes presentations or meetings more efficient but also serves as a modern and comprehensive tool that can meet the needs of various work or learning situations.

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