Smart Entrance Control

Access Control &

Time Attendance

Timestamps that accurately record the data on billing and documents.

Time recorders that record work start (clock-in) and finish (clock-out) times.


DTranTech provide a full range of solutions

including various fingerprint, RFID face and palm verification, time clocks, portable time clocks, time and attendance management software, etc.


DTranTech provides one-stop R&D and manufacturing servies for business partners.


We can meet the demands of all companies in different sizes.


Access Level


Face Detection






Fast Processing


Mask Detection


Temperature Detection


QR Reader


Smart Security Gate

Entrance Control is the management of people. DTran Technology commits to integrating biometrics into entrance control to provide more intelligent management solutions.


Reduce cost of Security Guard

Although there are security guards stationed in the area, when there are lots of people, security guards may not be able to manage thoroughly the situation. When this happen, there might be unauthorized people that manage to enter restricted areas. When the Security Gate is installed, the problem can be solved and you can reduce the cost of Security Guard as well.

Prevent tailgating

When entering, anyone has to get their own identity checked by using card or finger print scan etc. There is a chance that someone will sneak in at the same time with other people. By installing sensors at the gate, we will prevent unauthorized persons from entering the area, which can prevent unauthorized person from doing something unwanted.


Prevent the passenger from being caught in the gate

When the passenger passes through the gate, they might get caught in the gate and get hurt. Smarter sensor technology can prevent users from getting stuck more effectively, which will be safer for users. Moreover, in case of fire, you can customize the gate to open automatically, and you can evacuate the people out of the building more easily.

Smart Parking Management

DTranTech provide an improvement of parking lot operation is needed, utilization of parking control equipment needed, provide better-differentiated services to clients, and reduce traffic jams in the parking area.


DTranTech offers a wide range of access control solutions for car parks

including entrance & exit shroff solution, central shroff solution and UHF carpark entrance & exit auto-recognition solution


High speed remote license plate detection

Our license plate recognition has the best speeds in the industry. And it has a recognition distance of up to 3 meters with a moving speed of 40 km/h, which greatly solves the traffic problem of the parking lot.

License plate counterfeiting system

With an algorithm for reading values, makes the license plate reading system able to prevent license plate counterfeiting from images and videos.


Smart Parking Management


Visitor Management

A visitor recording system solution that perfectly meets your organization's building entry policy. To ensure that visitors go through registration and identity verification successfully.


Self-service Visitor Registration & Access Control Management Solution

Self-service Visitor Registration and Access Control Management Solution is based on FaceKiosk Service and ZKBioSecurity ISP Visitor Module to offer easy, convenient and efficient visitor registration and access control. 3 methods of visitor access are available including Online Pre- registration, On-site Self-service Registration and Derect Access for different needs. It offer various benefits including reduced costs and human resources, increased efficiency and security of access control and customer's data for marketing use.

What self-service visitor management is

Visitor self-service management solution is designed to provide a fully automated unmanned visitor registration and door access, temperature screening experience, ultimately enhancing working efficiency.

This Solution is built on the high-level integration between software and hardware, as we are and end to end solution provider, which can ensure system stability and sacailibity.

How does self-service visitor management work?

Conventionally, visitor management is administered by the reception counter, the visitors are required to spend minutes filling in their personal information manually at the entrance before access to the office.

With the help of the Facekiosk terminal, We offer a visitor registration process that can be completed in seconds or less, by using new technology, such as online pre-registration, QR code, facial recognition.


Smart Entrance Control Solution

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