IQView 4K document camera, also called a digital visual presenter, doc camera, doc cam or visualizer, is a versatile, compact and high-quality interactive teaching tool . It is perfect for displaying high-definition physical content to students whether they are in-class, remote, or a combination of both.

Matrix Switch

Foldable Design

4K Camera

10x Optical Zoom

10x Digital Zoom

A3 Shooting Area

Built-in Microphone

3-level Adjustable Light


Dual Stream

4K Camera with 10x Optical Zoom

The IQView 4K document camera boasts an 8 megapixel high resolution sensor, capable of recording 4K video with 10x optical zoom. This allows incredibly realistic and detailed presentations of documents, enabling viewers to clearly read all information being shared.

Wide Shooting Area for Comprehensive Coverage

The IQView 4K document camera features a 90-degree rotating lens and can capture objects up to A3 size. This allows you to effectively shoot and share large documents or objects with ease.

Easy Integration with Interactive Flat Panels or Meeting Room Screens

The IQView 4K document camera easily connects and works instantly with just a cable plug-in via HDMI, USB, and VGA output ports. It seamlessly integrates with interactive displays, meeting room screens, or any display devices such as interactive whiteboards, projectors, interactive flat panels, or computers.

Dual Image Output

Allows users to simultaneously output two different images to an interactive flat panels or monitors at the same time.

Matrix Switch

With an integrated matrix switch module, the IQView 4K document camera can instantly switch between 3 different video input sources, such as from an interactive flat panels, real object demonstration, and more. This matrix switching capability allows seamless transitions between multiple video sources.

Extremely Compact Design

The IQView 4K document camera features a fully collapsible and ultra-compact design, making it highly portable. This extremely compact form factor is ideal for space-constrained classrooms, allowing for convenient storage and mobility.

Integration with Interactive Flat Panels

The IQView 4K document camera can access and utilize the software of interactive displays, enabling diverse applications to create enhanced teaching experiences or engaging presentation environments in meeting rooms.

Connect the HDMI cable to the interactive flat panel, and connect a mouse to the USB port to access various functions integrated with the interactive flat panel.

Use the IQView Micro-Lecture software to manage teaching or lecturing with video by connecting the USB port to a computer.


IQView E4521


IQView E6510

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