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Interactive Flat Panel

With the improved stability of Interactive Flat Panel displays and the abundance of collaborative tools at your fingertips, user operations have become smoother and more effortless. The intelligent touch system of IQBoard's Interactive Flat Panel can enhance organizational meetings, educational activities, and collaborations among colleagues and students. It allows users to instantly share thoughts or make real-time annotations on the screen. Additionally, it seamlessly connects to various devices or systems without limitations, such as wireless connections, PC, laptop, or smartphone connectivity. Through the Mirror function using the EShare app, it facilitates easy sharing of presentation documents or other files stored on your device for quick and convenient presentations.

What is Interactive

Flat Panel

Interactive Flat Panel or IQBoard's Smart Screen is a large-sized display that enhances the potential of classrooms or meeting rooms without limitations. With a vibrant and colorful screen and built-in speakers, it adds interest to educational or presentation materials. Equipped with Touch Screen technology, it becomes an Interactive Touch Screen where users can directly use their hands or a IQ SmartPen to write on the screen. Additionally, it allows users to save the written content for later reference, making it a modern and engaging alternative to traditional whiteboards. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge board that is more captivating than conventional whiteboards used in every school and organization!

จอ Interactive

Windows & Android System

AI Whiteboard

Optical Bonding +

Zero+ Bonding

4K AI Camera +

Dual Camera


8 Microphone


Write Naturally

AG + AF Glass


Smart Split


Smart Meeting

DTran Technology, the leading importer and distributor of Interactive Flat Panels from IQBoard, offers solutions tailored to Interactive Flat Panel displays for meeting rooms or classrooms. The panels come in various sizes, including 55, 65, 75, 86, 98, and 110 inches, allowing users to write directly on the screen or annotate presentations during the presentation. Suitable for use in meeting rooms, classrooms, universities, and factories, these panels support 4K resolution and can be used with both Android and iOS operating systems.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Annotation on

any sources

Maximum resolution

is up to 4K

Various sizes

Writes smoothly with leading-edge technology, enhancing efficiency for every meeting and teaching session.

จอ Interactive

With the technology of IQBoard's Interactive Flat Panel, it can extend to a Smart Classroom system by incorporating various knowledge and technologies to assist teachers. It allows for easy content modification in teaching materials. Additionally, it supports distance learning through video conferencing, enabling teachers and students to engage in learning activities from anywhere.


TB1100 Pro


TE1100 Pro


จอ Interactive

TX1100 Pro

จอ Interactive

TE1200 Pro

จอ Interactive

HA1100 Pro

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Energize your digital transformation in meeting collaboration and classroom interaction solutions with DTran Technology.

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