Build your lecture recording studio anytime and anywhere

DTranTech offers classrooms or lecture halls as blended learning environments.

Portable Wireless Lecture Recording Studio

The lecture recording kit with travel case allows you to conveniently record lectures and teaching sessions. It includes a wireless PTZ camera with a tripod and a wireless microphone, eliminating messy wiring. Simply roll the travel case containing this lecture recording studio around the place, and you can create a lecture recording studio anytime, anywhere.

Echo & Noice Cancelling

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

Supports Bluetooth Connectivity

4 Microphone Array

Start Lecture Recording Within 5 Minutes

  • No Cables or Power Adapters are Required.

All devices are battery-powered and rechargeable

  • No Network Cables are Needed.

Supports wireless network connectivity

  • No Pre-Configuration is Required.

Upon powering on, the PTZ camera automatically connects to the video station. You can begin lecturing or teaching immediately.

  • Flexible Camera Positioning

The camera tripod allows free positioning and setup anywhere

Start Lecture Recording With One Touch

The video station features a 11.6" - 15.6" touchscreen display. Lecturers can simply tap the record button on the screen to instantly start recording the video lecture. Lecture content is clearly captured in real-time and can also be displayed on the touchscreen during recording.

Capture Content from Multiple Camera Views

The video station supports multiple input sources which are presented in a multi-view screen layout. Two wireless PTZ cameras can provide panoramic views capturing both the instructor and students from different angles. Additionally, the instructor's teaching materials or other reference sources from devices like an interactive display or computer monitor can also be incorporated into the multi-view layout.

High Video Quality with Wireless Cameras

The PTZ cameras feature a 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, providing efficient and fast audio/video transmission with stable and secure connectivity. With the built-in 1/2.8" HD CMOS sensor, it delivers powerful 1080p FHD video quality, enabling you to create a high-performance lecture recording studio. Even when zooming in to capture details, distant objects remain clear and visible. The elegantly designed infrared remote control allows easy operation suitable for any scenario.

Professional Audio Recording

The lecture recording system utilizes noise-cancellation technology to capture crystal clear audio. It supports both 2.4G wireless microphone connections as well as wired 3.5mm microphone inputs. Multiple audio sources can be recorded simultaneously, making it ideal for large lectures requiring comprehensive room coverage. Users can select the appropriate audio recording functionality based on their needs.

Online Directing Capabilities

There is a web-based lecture recording direction platform that allows for remote camera control, switching between multiple input sources, and managing video recordings. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own lecture recording studio.

Live Online Lecturing for Remote Learning

With a button press on the video station or remote control through the web platform, you can live stream lectures and teaching videos directly to YouTube or Facebook. Supporting RTMP/RTSP streaming protocols, it's easy to create blended learning or flipped classroom environments. Students can attend online and re-watch recorded lectures from home, eliminating worries about missing content due to note-taking challenges or illness-related absences.

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