Audio / Video Conferencing

Whether you are working from home or in the office,

find the perfect product for your audio or video conferencing needs.

Start your meeting right away.

Make remote meetings an unparalleled experience.

DTranTech smart meeting room solutions help companies to effortlessly set up a meeting environment on a local or remote basis with maximized efficiency, interaction, and team collaboration. It seamlessly integrates interactive display, collaboration software, wireless sharing, sound-enhancing devices, and user-friendly presentation tools, letting you start your meeting in just a second.

Video Conference

A video conference is a communication system that allows the transmission of video (of participants and presentation materials) and audio data between multiple locations over IP or ISDN networks. It enables interactive two-way communication, creating an experience akin to meeting in the same room by integrating video, data, and audio.

With our video conferencing, you can expect:

Remote meetings, vividly clear.

Immerse yourself in stunningly sharp video quality and true-to-life audio that makes meeting with your team or clients feel like being there in person, no matter how far apart your locations are.

Flexible working

Join meetings from anywhere. Your team can work flexibly without being tied to the same location.

Security you can trust

Your data and communications are safeguarded with industry-standard encryption, allowing you to meet with confidence knowing your information stays secure.

Easy and


No technical expertise needed. Just a few simple steps to join meetings and share information seamlessly.

Seamless collaboration across locations

Your team can fully connect and collaborate, whether it's for business meetings or coordinating projects, regardless of their locations.

The Benefits of Remote Conferencing

Remote meetings play a vital role in today's rapidly changing business landscape. DTranTech's services focus on enhancing efficiency and outcomes. With our video conferencing products, you'll gain an outstanding and highly productive experience for all your remote meetings.

We strive to provide solutions that empower your distributed teams to connect and collaborate as if they were in the same room, removing geographical barriers. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to host or join meetings without technical hurdles. You can rely on industry-leading security to safeguard your confidential communications.

Leverage the power of remote meetings to stay agile, reduce travel costs, increase productivity, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.





4K Camera with

12x Optical Zoom



Boost Productivity with Remote Meetings

by DTran Technology

Smart meeting room solutions that transform traditional meetings into a Digital Transformation and Digital Workplace experience. Leveraging cutting-edge electronics and technologies, along with seamless external video conferencing capabilities. With crystal-clear video and audio, every meeting becomes an efficient collaborative session. Empower your workforce with Detrantech's innovative remote meeting technologies for the digital era.


Join One (HY200)


Join Group (AVS200)


Conference Cam (CV410 Pro)


Conference Cam (CV800 Pro)


Speaker Phone (S330)

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