Keep your eyes on your audience

IQPodium is the ultimate presentation tool, which can be displayed its screen content to the big screen synchronously even you are writing, drawing or other operation, giving you total control over whats displayed behind you while you maintain eye contact with your audience.

IQPodium is a touchscreen tablet with a smart pen, designed to help teachers, trainers, and professional presenters communicate more effectively with their audience. While presenting on the interactive display, the presenter can write notes or annotations directly on the IQPodium touchscreen tablet, which appear on the interactive display or meeting screen syncronously. IQPodium serves as a tablet with an integrated smart pen, ideal for online teaching. Whenever inspiration strikes, questions arise, or additional notes are needed on the slides, presenters can make annotations while still facing the audience.


IQPodium is a versatile digital tool available as both a tabletop and floor-standing podium, designed specifically for classrooms and meeting rooms. Simply place it on an existing podium or lectern to instantly transform a traditional room into a smart lecture space with centralized control over all room devices.

This smart podium or smart lectern elevates your teaching, lecturing, and presentation experience. It enhances presentation capabilities, improves positioning convenience, and supports diverse content display formats. IQPodium seamlessly integrates smart functionality into any learning or meeting environment.


Projecting Images


Touch Control


Write and display simultaneously


Electromagnetic Smart Pen


Flexible Tilt Angle


HDMI Connectivity

IQPodium is a presentation podium or lectern

a tool that allows you to control the content you present on interactive displays

or meeting room screens

Plug-and-play simplicity

Connect to your computer via HDMI without installing any drivers. Easily sync your computer screen to other displays through the smart podium. You can also set up additional screens for your presentations.

The smart podium allows seamless screen mirroring and extended display setups for enhanced presentations, straight out of the box.

Pen and Touch Capabilities

With capacitive pen and finger touch support, the IQPodium smart podium allows both touch control and pen input. Use your fingers to click, zoom, and scroll, while the pen enables writing and annotations. This built-in annotation capability enhances the teaching experience by enabling presenters to maintain eye contact with the audience while writing.

The smart podium combines intuitive touch control with the precision of a smart pen, amplifying engagement during presentations and lessons.

Precise Writing and Display with PCAP and EMR Technology

Leveraging projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology and the electromagnetic resonance (EMR) of the smart stylus pen, you can write, draw, and annotate on the screen with incredible accuracy. Whether using the smart pen or your finger, it provides a natural pen-on-paper feel for smooth writing and drawing.

The combination of PCAP and EMR technologies enables precise inking and annotation, enhancing the interactivity of your presentations.


IQ Podium PD150

Digital Podium NDP100

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